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KINGMAX, the world renowned memory brand, has announced that its famous over-clocking DRAM Modules, Nano Gaming RAM, have been fully passed on Intel 6 series chipset. The Intel 6 series chipsets adopts its new generation micro-architecture, Sandy Bridge, to showcase the ultimate platform for mainstream enthusiasts but also brings higher power consumption (about 6.1W) due to its powerful functionality.

Intel’s 6 series chipset platform improves its tuning capabilities in increasing the processor’s core ratios and DDR3 memory ratios, which allows KINGMAX Nano Gaming RAM to boost its performance to the maximum and helps the system to operate the media features smoothly and seamlessly.
KINGMAX Nano Gaming RAM’s unique Nano Thermal Dissipation Technology reduces heat generation and allows the graphic and visual functions of the 6 series chipset platform operate more efficiently.
“KINGMAX provides the best memory solution for over-clockers on the Intel 6 series chipset motherboards. ASBIS Africa continually looks for best fit products for the SA market,” says Orla Meaker, KINGMAX product manager at ASBIS Africa.
“KINGMAX Nano Gaming RAM is sought after in the gamer market. We try to ensure that we are covering all different audiences’ memory requirements, by distributing the full range of KINGMAX memory products,” says Meaker.
In performance comparisons of KINGMAX Nano Gaming RAM 2400MHz and 1333MHz on Intel 6 series chipset motherboards, KINGMAX Nano Gaming RAM 2400MHz showcases superior performance over the 1333MHz module by up to 30%, as tested using AIDA64 Extreme Edition and MaxxMEM2.
As a pioneer in the DRAM Module field, KINGMAX takes the lead in launching 2400MHz DRAM modules with single channel 4Gb.
Meaker continues, “It’s difficult to manufacture, especially considering the heat dissipation issues when the performance and capacity keep increasing. Only a manufacturer with the ability to do the best quality IC sorting and chip stacking could achieve the specification the 2400MHz milestone requires in a single 4Gb module.
“All ‘NANO Gaming RAM’ products adopt the nano thermal dissipation technology and improve thermal performance by 10% over the conventional heatsink products. The higher frequency and greater capacity of KINGMAX Nano Gaming RAM satisfies the most critical demands for over-clocking enthusiasts.
“Based on its unique thermal dissipation technology, KINGMAX Nano Gaming RAM has received great recommendations from media and over-clocking enthusiasts worldwide.
“Specialists are continually surprised by the outstanding performance without the added feature of a heatsink, especially after testing and using it during gaming, and intense benchmarking applications. Using a variety of over-clocking tools and skills, the new Nano technology has given us outstanding performance increases over and above the initial expectations,” says Meaker.
Meaker adds that, “While operating normally, KINGMAX Nano Gaming RAM also delivers the trusted reliability to operate the system smoothly with less energy consumption and showcases the best solution for both system stability and the over-clocking seeker.”
Features of KINGMAX DDR3 Nano Gaming RAM:
* It adopts Nano Thermal Dissipation Technology.
* ASIC chip embedded for anti-counterfeiting purposes.
* Lead-free production process.
* TinyBGATM technology adopted, with advantages such as compact size, good heat dissipation and low EM interference.
* 100% product compatibility and stability.
* High data transfer performance for over-clocking enthusiasts and hardcore gamers.
Specification of KINGMAX DDR3 Nano Gaming RAM:
* 240-pin DDR3 1600/2000/2200/2400MHz.
* CAS Latency – 1600/2000MHz – CL9, or 2200/2400MHz – CL10.
* Bandwidth – 1600MHz (12.8Gbps); 2000MHz (16Gbps); 2200MHz (17.6Gbps); 2400MHz (19.2Gbps).
* Voltage: 1.5~1.8v.
* Capacity – single channel is 1/2/4Gb, dual channel is 2/4/8Gb and triple channel is 3/6/12Gb.
* Worldwide lifetime warranty.

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